5 simple things to do if you are feeling sad or anxious


Since not everyone has access to therapy, what can they do to help themselves when they are sad?

There are many reasons you could feel sad, anxious or depressed.

Perhaps, you are a university student who feels your life is stuck because of the ASUU strike, you are at a job you don’t like, you have a toxic boss, you have relationship issues, you don’t know what to do with your life, a loved one is sick, or you’re broke.

In recent times, the political and economic strain of this country has been making people feel sadder than usual.

What are some simple things that can be done?

Telling somehow who cares about you how you feel is the first step to feeling better. By receiving empathy and help, we can begin to feel like the burden is lifted and someone understands how we feel.

Don’t be mad at them if they don’t understand, sometimes only you can talk yourself out of a dark place.

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We suffer more in our minds than in reality. So ask yourself, ‘what can I do about my situation?’

Do I start looking for a job? Do I learn a new skill? Should I break up with my girlfriend? Do I move back home? By engaging our brain to find a solution, we feel less and less hopeless and anxious.

Sleep has immensely restorative effects, but it isn’t the solution to every problem because sleeping too much is a sign of depression.

Sometimes, sleep over the solution and you might find an answer when you are refreshed.

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Are you sad or are you hungry? Sometimes, it’s hard to tell what the problem is if you are hungry, so get something to eat and then think of solutions.

Not a literal pill but just relax. Don’t take life too seriously. It’s never that deep. Take it as it comes, and some times bad things happen.

Having a stoic or calm attitude would help you weather many storms. Calm yourself down by breathing in and out. Focus on the now, do something that would make you happy now and enjoy the moment.

It could be watching a movie, taking a walk, listening to music, dancing or cleaning.


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