Top 10 most popular cars in Nigeria & their prices in 2022

Top 10 most popular cars in Nigeria

Car Prices in Nigeria – Well, you probably already know that Nigeria is a very fertile market for automobiles. You would know this by the numerous car brands that can be found in Nigeria alone, and not just that. These car brands still have numerous models that sell like crazy in the Nigerian automobile market. As it seems, any car that has tangible things to contribute in performance, fuel economy, ability to glide through rough roads without a scratch, and luxury, would have a remarkable number of loyal customers here.

As it is, cars are purchased every single day here. Brand new, tokunbo and even Nigerian used cars are all making massive sales.

The year 2019 is almost over and we’re all making the countdown toward the new year. Now is the best time to also make a countdown of the most purchased cars in Nigeria throughout the whole year. Isn’t it? So, let’s get straight to it.

10: Mercedes Benz G-Class Price

mercedes benz g-class
Mercedes Benz g-class

Price Range: N70 million – N200 million

G-Wagon, as it is also commonly called, is a popular vehicle in Nigeria. Some might argue that it doesn’t have the sleekness and curves that should make it look beautiful. However, I suppose you could say that its beauty is in its price if you agree that “expensive” is sometimes synonymous with “beautiful”. Mercedes Benz G-Class is one that is commonly driven by the elite because of its expensiveness. As a result, it could be regarded as a show-off car.

In performance and luxury, the Mercedes Benz G-Class is worth every pretty penny spent on it. Or what else would you expect from a vehicle as expensive as this:

9: Range Rover Price

Range Rover Price
Range Rover Price

Price Range: N45 million – N84 million

Closely following the Mercedes is Range Rover Sport. Oh! Sweet mother of luxury! This is, like, the dream SUV for many Nigerians, and it’s quite understandable. Apart from the respect, you earn from owning a Range Rover Sport, the performance of the vehicle, coupled with the kind of luxury that only this vehicle can provide, make it a great purchase.

The fact that it makes it to our list of the most purchased vehicles for 2019 in Nigeria only shows that Nigerians love good things. Abi, who no like better thing?

8: Toyota Highlander Price

Andy Uba Toyota Highlander
Toyota Highlander

Price Range: N20 million – N28 million

Talk about luxury, ruggedness and affordability, all in one. Toyota Highlander has got it all. The spacious SUV is preferred by many in Nigeria. The size makes it great for a lot of purposes, such as a family car. Furthermore, it is quite affordable. The upper-class citizens would find it really affordable and the lower-class citizens might even be able to afford it with some savings or some car loans.

7: Lexus RX350 Price

2020 Lexus RX350
2020 Lexus RX350

Price Range: N27 million – N30 million

As you might already know, Lexus is the luxury brand of Toyota, and this mini SUV is just a perfect example of luxury. Not only is it for the rich, but also for the middle-class citizens. So, unlike the vehicles number 8 and 9 above, the mini SUV has a wider customer base as the elite aren’t as many as the middle-class citizens. It’s no wonder RX 350 is among the most purchased vehicles in the country today.

6: Toyota Sienna Price

2014 Toyota Sienna
2014 Toyota Sienna

Price Range: N18 million – N30 million

Quite a number of good things are packed up in this minivan actually. In fact, this is without a doubt the most popular minivan in Nigeria today. The spaciousness of the minivan is a big advantage to it. Big space means it passes as a luxurious mass transit vehicle, a family vehicle, and a cargo vehicle. The versatility of the Toyota Sienna is one of the reasons it makes it to our list of most of our most purchased cars for 2019 in Nigeria. In addition, the fact that it is so common simply goes to show that it is quite affordable for all.

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5: Volkswagen Golf Price

Volkswagen Golf

Price Range: N7.5 million – N9 million

There was a time when most of the VW Golf you would find around were only used as taxis. Not anymore. Since VW Golf could creep into the Nigerian auto market and gain enough popularity, bringing in the more sophisticated and beautiful models was easy. It was just a case of “Oh! That’s nice Golf. I didn’t know there were such nice Golf cars. I’ll get one for myself” Also Read: 2021 Kia Models Lineup: Kia Cars Price In Nigeria

4: Kia Rio Price

Kia Rio
Kia Rio

Price Range: N1.8 million – N8.5 million

Although they might have been around for quite a while, they are still relatively new in the Nigerian auto market. However, Kia Rio has quickly gained popularity since its first introduction into the Nigerian auto market. It is a compact-looking vehicle, cheap and strong. So, of course, a lot of Nigerians are attracted to it.

3: Honda Accord Price

2021 Honda Accord, Pricing, Release Date & pictures
2021 Honda Accord

Price Range: N2 million – N15 million

I guess you have been anticipating this car on this list already. Well, here it is. Honda is a popular auto brand all over the world and in Nigeria. A lot of Honda car models are well purchased here in Nigeria but none is as highly purchased as the Honda Accord. Honda Accord could easily be in contention for the most popular vehicle with the likes of the next two cars on this list. However, its high maintenance cost is one reason why it isn’t as purchased as those cars.

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2: Toyota Camry Price

2020 Toyota Camry

Price Range: N1 million – N30 million

Toyota Camry is, without a doubt, one of the most popular models in Nigeria. As a matter of fact, there’s hardly a day that you wouldn’t find a Toyota Camry, even on a less busy road. The affordability, performance, maintenance cost, and fuel economy that it possesses are what make it a highly purchased vehicle in Nigeria.

1: Toyota Corolla Price

Tokunbo 2010 Toyota Corolla
Tokunbo 2010 Toyota Corolla

Price Range: N5 million – N20 million

This probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you. Toyota, until today, has enjoyed a large number of loyal customers in Nigeria alone. And apart from Camry, Corolla is one of their main flagship models. Toyota Corolla is a popular one in Nigeria and it has been for as long as one can remember. This car, like Camry, is a combo of great performance, sleekness, and affordability.

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