NPower: Artisans, elders, Npower beneficiaries buy N30m Kano guber nomination form for Buhari’s ex-aide, Sharada


NPower Latest News: Beneficiaries of Npower, owners of medium scale businesses, friends, and elders have purchased the All Progressives Congress (APC) N30 million expression of interest and nomination forms for the former aide to President Muhammadu Buhari, Sha’aban Ibrahim Sharada to contest the 2023 Kano State governorship election.

Mansur Umar Kurugu, who made the disclosure said that Fitilar Jama’ar Kano, a consortium of Developmental Practitioners and Professionals in Kano working towards ensuring political viability and good leadership coordinated the donation.

Speaking to newsmen in Abuja, Kurugu said: “we came to Abuja together with other colleagues to purchase the governorship nomination forms for Hon. Sha’aban Ibrahim Sharada, the chairman of House of Representatives’ Committee on National Security and Intelligence to contest the forthcoming 2023 general elections under the platform of the APC.

While revealing how they raised the funds used to purchase the nomination form, he said: “Sha’aban is currently in Abidjan for a workshop with co-parliamentarians chairing National security and intelligence committees of their respective countries which Sha’aban is serving as their African president, yet we mobilised funds and purchased this form for him. The fund came from certain beneficiaries of his gesture, especially over 2000 Npower ‘Batch C’ beneficiaries who sacrificed 1,000 naira from each of their 5 months stipends and ended up raising over N10 million to support the project.

“Some of us working in different places felt challenged and keyed into the project and raised another N10 million. We took the campaign to social and mainstream media where we received millions of Naira donations from people.

“Owners of medium scale industries, childhood friends and elders generously contributed towards this project. We raised over N47 million before we proceeded to buy this form,” he announced.

On his competence for the position, Kurugu said: “In this country, especially in Kano State, we certainly require a serious dynamic shift of leadership, hence a need for somebody from the largest constituency of the population, the youths, to step up and demonstrate the right quality, mentality and ability to move the state forward.

“Using the legislative platform, we witnessed what Sha’aban was able to transmit in terms of quality legislation, good leadership, infrastructural development, human capital development, empowerment, and political growth. These are the qualities required from contemporary leaders. He is somebody who has people in his heart, ready to serve and fight for justice.

“Since we have been clamouring for the youth inclusion in leadership and he is one person who has demonstrated the commitment to move in that direction, we felt obliged to mobilise as much support as we can including funds to run the campaign, Kurugu maintained.


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