Latest Price of Peugeot 406 in Nigeria 2022


The Peugeot 406 is a popular vehicle mostly driven by security agencies in Nigeria such as the Airforce, Navy, and the Army. This is understandably so because the 406 was designed to be both a beautiful yet rugged vehicle. It has a look of corporate maturity and earns the respect that associates with a famous brand.

Forty five years ago Peugeot presented the 604 and attempted to gain entrance to the prestigious large car market. That didn’t work out, despite review after review praising the car’s ride quality, steering comfort and commendable huge booty. In 1995 the 406, a class down from the 604 but similarly dimensioned, replaced the well-respected and successful 405.

The 406 arrived on the scene in 1995 ready to kick Ford, Opel and Renault. They probably secretly wanted to steal sales from BMW and Audi too and possibly did. The 406 had four engines and a V6; there were manual and auto transmissions in addition to expensive multi-link suspension.

PEUGEOT 406 1995 – 1999

PEUGEOT 406 1999
PEUGEOT 406 1999

As a follower of the 405, the 406 quickly became a favourite among buyers. The car was initially available with a choice of three engine versions, with two turbo diesel added later on. The latter was then replaced by modern HDi units in 1999, retracing the route Peugeot had already taken with other simultaneously released models. Despite having been marketed as a reliable city sedan, the 406 was also available in four special variants powered by a turbocharged 2.0, 2.1 turbo diesel, petrol injected 2.2 and a mighty 3.0 V6, providing buyers with a rewarding ounce of sportiness.

PEUGEOT 406 1999 – 2004
PEUGEOT 406 2004
PEUGEOT 406 2004

After taking a dip in the fountain of auto-youth in 1999, the 406 sprouted two new HDi units that replaced the turbo diesel units. The new engines were quieter, leaner, and most importantly, 25% more fuel-efficient than the previous ones. As for the looks, the car was restyled by Pininfarina and a series of active and passive safety features were added such as bumper length increase and the introduction of EBFD (Electronic Brake Force Distribution) and ABS systems as part of the standard equipment package.

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Price of brand new Peugeot 406 in Nigeria

brand new Peugeot 406
brand new Peugeot 406

The production of the Peugeot 406 was stopped in 2004. This can be partly attributed to the appreciation, love and demand for the design from people or a particular set of people with certain interests or wants. That is why there is no brand new model available, neither from Peugeot Nigeria nor any foreign dealerships. However, you can easily buy a locally used or a Tokunbo Peugeot in Nigeria.

Price list of Foreign used Peugeot 406 in Nigeria

ModelPrice in Nigerian Naira
Tokunbo Peugeot 406 2004 price₦ 800,000 – ₦ 1.5 million
Tokunbo Peugeot 406 2006 price₦ 900,000 – ₦ 1.8 million
Tokunbo Peugeot 406 2008 price₦ 1.2 million – ₦ 2 million
Tokunbo Peugeot 406 2009 price₦ 1.3 million – ₦ 2 .5million
Tokunbo Peugeot 406 (1.8) price₦ 1.5 million – ₦ 3 million

Peugeot 406 Price list

ModelPrice in Nigerian Naira
Nigerian used Peugeot 406 2006 – 2014 price₦ 500,000 – ₦ 650,000

Things you would like about the Peugeot 406

  • Strong suspension installed in the 406 makes it easy and comfortable to drive through bumps and potholes.
  • Smooth steering and effortless gear change mean you’ll enjoy every second of driving your Peugeot 406.
  • Easy handling is one of the most essential components for a satisfying and stress-free driving experience at any distance.
  • The build quality of the 406 helps this model maintain its great looks and driving characteristics for years after leaving the assembly line.
  • The roomy interior makes the Peugeot 406 a solid choice for large families, carpooling to work, or even some light-duty commercial use.

Things you will not like about the Peugeot 406

  • In recent times, the Peugeot 406 doesn’t cost too much to buy, but the running costs and fuel expenses will eat up a big part of your car maintenance budget.
  • The design of the 406 is very straightforward and simple, which may be a major drawback for those who prefer a more intricately designed vehicle.
  • Without cruise control, the car loses some of its attractiveness in terms of easy drive.

Final note

If you want a car as solid and durable as the Mercedes W-123 but nicer to drive? Look no further than this car and look past the lack of chrome and the other cons highlighted above.


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