Top 10 Craziest Concept Cars

Top 10 Craziest Concept Cars in the World

Every now and then, car designers throw sanity out the window and come up with some seriously insane concepts. While these cars typically never...
This $13m San Francisco mansion

This $13m San Francisco mansion has a rooftop sauna and views over the city

This gorgeous $13m mansion is a stone’s throw from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and it has its own rooftop sauna and...

How Much Is 2023 Lexus LX In Nigeria?

When Lexus sets off to make a car, they make sure the car stands out amongst other cars. That’s what this 2023 Lexus will certainly do once it...
Pagani Codalunga

First look inside the $7.4 million Pagani Codalunga

This is the $7.4 million Pagani Huayra Codalunga and only five examples will ever be made. The Codalunga, which translates to longtail in Italian, is...
The new Audi self-driving concept

The new Audi self-driving concept EV has futuristic tech we’ve never seen before

You’ve heard of work from home, but Audi is hoping its new self-driving concept car will pen a new term: work from car. Designed for the bumper-to-bumper...

Lamborghini ‘Tormenta’ – is this the new Aventador?

This is the ‘Tormenta’, Supercar Blondie’s impression of what Lamborghini’s top secret 2023 launch will look like. Lamborghini is releasing a brand new supercar...
Tesla Cybertruck

Elon Musk hits another bump in the road with his troubled Tesla Cybertruck

Elon Musk says the price of the troubled Cybertruck will be much higher than originally promised. The Tesla CEO said “a lot has changed” since...
electric SUV

VinFast VF8: The new electric SUV with the best voice activation you’ve ever used

A new electric SUV has got the car industry taking notice, and Supercar Blondie has got the first taste of the VinFast VF8 in the real...

This Ford Bronco has been transformed into a 6×6 BEAST

One of the world’s most beloved trucks just got an apocalyptic upgrade. This is the 6×6 Ford Bronco by Apocalypse and it’s one of the...

Exclusive unboxing of the all-electric Lexus LFA successor

The Lexus LFA is one of the most beloved supercars ever made, especially for the sound of its V10 engine. But now, there’s an all-new...

Latest Price of Peugeot 406 in Nigeria 2022

The Peugeot 406 is a popular vehicle mostly driven by security agencies in Nigeria such as the Airforce, Navy, and the Army. This is...
2021 Toyota Sienna

2021 Toyota Sienna Price in Nigeria, Review, Trims, Pictures

2021 Toyota Sienna for sale – The 2021 Toyota Sienna is completely redesigned with a new look and new platform. It is now offered only as a...
2022 Toyota Camry

2022 Toyota Camry Price, Reviews, Buying Guide, And Specifications

2022 Toyota Camry for sale – The 2022 Toyota Camry is expected to be more solid and mostly unchanged from the 2021 model year. Toyota...

10 Most Affordable Cars To Expect In Nigeria In 2023

In 2022, the year of sky-high transaction costs and low inventory, cars as opposed to trucks or SUVs—are your best choice if affordability is your...

Latest 2022 Cars in Nigeria: The Ultimate Guide To The New Cars, Redesigned Cars,...

You might be wondering what cars are coming out in 2022. That is an excellent thing to think about and this article has just the...
Top 10 most popular cars in Nigeria

Top 10 most popular cars in Nigeria & their prices in 2022

Car Prices in Nigeria – Well, you probably already know that Nigeria is a very fertile market for automobiles. You would know this by the...
Cars You Can Buy From 500,000 Naira To 1 Million

Cars You Can Buy From 500,000 Naira To 1 Million In Nigeria 2022

Are you interested in buying a functional but cheap car from N500,000? You can stop racking your brain as to where to find such...
Toyota Hilux Vs Toyota Tundra

Toyota Hilux Vs Toyota Tundra: Everything You Need to Know

Toyota is a popular Japanese automobile manufacturing company. Established in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda, they have been manufacturing one of the best performance-oriented, safest,...

Things To Know As Apple Launches iPhone 14 Next Month

Some experts have claimed that the iPhone 14 series will launch at almost the same price as the iPhone 13, while a few are...
Toyota vs Lexus

Toyota vs Lexus: A Thorough Brand Comparison in Nigeria

It shouldn’t come as a surprise if you’re looking to buy a new car that brand and manufacturer matter. A new vehicle’s manufacturer selection involves more...