Does The OnePlus 10T Support Wireless Charging?

The OnePlus 10T

Wireless charging is a feature that is available on a lot of flagships and even some mid-range smartphones, but is it there on the OnePlus 10T?

One of the OnePlus 10T‘s unique selling points is its incredible fast wired charging technology that allows it to be charged from empty to full in a very short time, but does it support wireless charging like the OnePlus 10 Pro? The first OnePlus smartphone to feature support for wireless charging was the OnePlus 8 Pro which could charge at up to 30W speeds wirelessly.

The following year, OnePlus upped the speeds to 50W wireless charging on the OnePlus 9 Pro while the standard variant got 15W wireless charging. So far not a single OnePlus T-series smartphone has received support for wireless charging, but does that change with the OnePlus 10T?

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The OnePlus 10T brings a number of upgrades when compared to the OnePlus 10 Pro, including a more powerful chipset and a better cooling system, but the affordable flagship is also missing some features to keep the price tag low. Unfortunately, wireless charging is one of them. While fans of wireless charging will be disappointed at the missing feature, the OnePlus 10T’s wired charging is much faster than any wireless charging technology OnePlus could have added.

OnePlus 10T Charges Crazy Fast

The OnePlus 10T will support 125W fast charging in the US

The OnePlus 10T supports 125W fast wired charging in the U.S., while in other regions, it supports 150W fast charging. According to OnePlus, users will be able to charge their phones from 1 percent to 100 percent in 19 minutes at 150W or 20 minutes at 125W. That should be enough to make up for the lack of wireless charging. For anyone that’s always on the go, being able to quickly top up their phone’s battery in the shortest possible time is key and they can achieve this easily with wired charging compared to wireless charging, as long as there is a wall outlet available.

OnePlus also includes a 160W USB-C power adapter in the box of the OnePlus 10T and it has been revealed the charger is capable of charging other devices that have support for USB PD. There are other areas where OnePlus has cut corners on the OnePlus 10T such as the display and the cameras, but despite this, the phone is still pretty impressive considering what it offers at its starting price of $649. The OnePlus 10T will be available for purchase in the U.S. in September.

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