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Innoson Motors, also called Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM) has kept up its aim to produce strong, durable and reliable cars befitting the African road condition; and affordable enough for the average Nigerian to buy. There are various brands of vehicles produced by the Nigerian indigenous car manufacturing company suitable to meet the diverse driving needs of Nigerians and Africans. Cars are available in sedans, crossovers, SUVs, pickups, buses etc body designs.

The indigenous car manufacturing company has its headquarters in Nnewi, Anambra State Nigeria.  The Visioneer behind the growth of Innoson Motors is the renowned Chief Dr Innocent Chukwuma OFR.

Innoson Motors demonstrated their pride in Nigeria made products, especially automobiles by gifting Pere, one of the housemates in Naija’s biggest reality show a brand new Innoson Caris fully decorated and equipped. Pere, one of the six finalists in the 2021 Shina Ya Eye, season 6 edition of the Big Brother Naija show was the winner of the task organized by Innoson Motors.

Review Of Innoson Caris


Innoson Caris which made its debut in 2020, is another exquisite car model produced by Nigeria’s indigenous automobile manufacturing company. Sleek, sporty and modern are just some of the words that define the exquisite look and feel of the Innoson Caris. Made from high-quality materials, Innoson Caris combines both sophistication and high performance to deliver a great driving experience for drivers.

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Here are some of the FEATURES of the Innoson Caris

FEATURES of the Innoson Caris
FEATURES of the Innoson Caris
  1. Improved Exhaust Tech

A desirable quality of Innoson Motors is that they are made to fit the nature of the typical Nigerian road. The improved exhaust tech allows you to drive long distances while maintaining optimal stability. It also helps to conserve your fuel efficiently, cools the temperature of the engine and allows the engine to breathe better.

  1. Adjustable Passenger Seat

With the Innoson Caris, there is no room for discomfort while driving as the seats can be adjusted to give you just the kind of comfort you need.

  1. Air Conditioned Leather Seats

If what you desire in a relaxed and cool feel while driving, the air-conditioned leather seats in the Caris provide just what you need to satisfy that craving.

  1. Standard Led Front Lights

Innoson Caris features styling, modern front lights made from the latest technology to give drivers a bright view even in the dark.

  1. Smartphone Integration

With smartphone integration, you can stay focused while driving without having frequent distractions from checking your phones. The in-vehicle smartphone allows you to be aware of the calls and messages entering your smartphone while maintaining full concentration on your driving.

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Innoson Caris Interior

 Innoson Caris Interior
Innoson Caris Interior

Inside, the Innoson Caris is both welcoming and inviting. Lush seats made with exquisite leather assures you of comfort. With seating capacity for five, the seats are well padded such that discomfort is reduced regardless of the length of the journey. Legroom and headroom is also sufficient to accommodate different height ranges

An easy-to-use touchscreen can be found on the dashboard of the car that contains all the major controls of the car. Also, inbuilt is an Innoson multimedia player to allow you to play your favourite sounds with ease. You can connect your multimedia devices while driving.

Innoson Caris Engine And Performance

A 2.0L automatic engine powers the Innoson Caris. Knowing the economy of Nigerians and the majority of Africans, the Innoson Caris allows individuals to save on fuel as the fuel economy is top-notch. Also, the reinforced shock absorber helps maintain stability even when driving on rough terrains.

Innoson Caris Safety Features

Like every other car, the Innoson Caris comes with inbuilt modern safety features to protect drivers and other passengers. Standard safety features available include front and side airbags, power steering, reverse camera, automatically folding side mirror, etc.

Innoson Caris Price

The Innoson Caris is made very affordable so that all can own a car. It costs between 4.5 million to 6 million NGN.

Other Car Brands From Innoson Motors And Prices

Innoson Vehicle - All Models, Photos, and Prices in 2021
Innoson Vehicle – All Models, Photos, and Prices in 2021
IVM Capa₦8 million
IVM G6 (SUV):₦32 million
IVM G6C Carrier Pick Up₦17 million
Innoson G40₦20.5 million
Innoson G80₦30 million
Innoson 5000₦17million
Innoson 6601₦21 million
Innoson 6800₦32 million
Innoson 6857₦30 million
Innoson Carrier 4×2₦10 million


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